The Grand Tour Double Century

Well, I did it! My first double century. That's 200 miles in a single day. Overall, it was a pretty good day. No bonking and not cramping and at the end of the ride (and the next day) my muscles weren't any more sore than a normal ride. I did, however, get horrible saddle sores at the 100 mile point. The next 100 miles were like sitting on razor blades and sand paper. Ouchies.

Coming Soon!

I'm big on cycling and I try to do some adventurous rides as often as I can. I'll be posting about some of them soon!
Hi! I'm Ash. I'm a software developer who is big on riding bikes, taking pictures, and making things. I live in California and I cohabit with a dog named Juggernaut
Ash Nayar
Last Ride: Avalanche Spire - TrainerRoad
Distance: 13.31
Elevation Gain: 0.00 feet
Moving Time: 1:15:00
Longest ride to date: 200.37 miles
Biggest climb to date: 6899.28 miles